NEWCOMER 2019 – Follow-up by Rocklab – Grand Duchy of Luxemburg

Maz is a 18-year-old English-rapper from Luxembourg. Ever since he discovered his passion for music and poetry, he only strives for his one big dream : to start a career and make a living as a musician. Indeed, he made a rather spectacular entry into the scene, having his first performance ever on a stage with his Idol Ocean Wisdom.

From there on things only got better for Maz, having big success at Screaming Fields 2017 at Rockhal where he won 6 prices including the first edition of the Cactus Song Contest, as well as playing at Food For Your Senses 2017 and being the supporting act of French superstar Sofiane.

His style can be described as very modern with a few old school influences, having a quite technical flow that’s often accompanied by rather melancholic atmospheres. On the 30th March 2018, Maz released his first album called „Immortalisation“. A sold out release show in the Floor of Rockhal Luxemburg on that same date has been the peak of his artistic existence so far. „Immortalisation“ contains 15 songs of many different styles that have been produced by the likes of Cehashi, Sun glitters, Corbi, Mr Charly and Fresh D. The album, which was teased by 3 music videos (on youtube) as well, has been received quite well and truly introduces the young artist. Now he’s hoping for a bright future, and tries to get it all „to the next level“.