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NEWCOMER 2018 – Follow-up by Province de Luxembourg – Belgique

Bliss Out is a belgian alternative rock band. The group is formed by Maxime Duysens (lead vocals and guitars), Maxime D’Hondt (guitars and back voices), Benjamin D’Hondt (bass) and Maxime Wirtgen (drums).

Bliss Out was born in Arlon, in the south of Belgium. In September 2015, Maxime Duysens, Maxime D’Hondt and Benjamin D’Hondt imagine this new project, based on the ashes of their first group, also named Bliss Out (2005-2008), and Noisy Decade (2009-2015). Maxime Wirtgen joined them behind the drums in september 2016, and the four musicians decided to give a new birth to the brand “Bliss Out”. After the release of their first single “Pimp Our Kids” in November 2015, the band will be back in the studio in March 2018, in order to record their 11-tracks album. Bliss Out, with its brand new skin, propose post-grunge songs which are heavily influenced by the 90’s rock music.

Photography: Bliss Out by Anaëlle Reiser.