Luxembourg / Luxemburg

Sonic Visions Music Conference & Festival

Sonic_visions_brown_light_2015_12_14Since its very beginning in 2008, Sonic Visions Music Conference & Festival has developed into one of the Rockhal’s annual key events where the music industry actually gets to meet the artist and vice-versa. The 2015 edition awaits you with a series of hands-on workshops, theme-oriented panels with high-profile speakers and a bunch of networking opportunities where artists and (future) music professionals can find the information they need to push their project further. The topics, which are mostly treated from a DIY and artist point of view, will focus on revenue streams, online marketing strategies and digital tools for musicians, music journalism, sync & advertising opportunities for musicians or the live music markets in Germany, France and Belgium, to name but a few. As Rockhal and Rocklab (M&R Rockhal) are working in several networks on a European level, the conference will see a lot of high profile international music professionals coming (again) to Luxembourg this year.

Allemagne / Deutschland / Germany

Reeperbahn Festival

Repeerbahn_2016The Reeperbahn Festival combines concerts in a variety of pop-cultural genres with an arts programme and a platform for professionals in the music and digital industries. It is Germany’s largest club festival and since its debut in 2006 has grown to become one of the most important meeting places for the music industry worldwide. The 30,000 visitors to the Reeperbahn Festival can choose from a total of 600 events, including around 400 concerts, 30 arts highlights, and more than 150 conference programmes. Among the more than 70 crossover venues are major music clubs, such as Docks and Grosse Freiheit 36, as well as locations that present few or no concerts during the rest of the year, such as the Imperial Theater, the Schulmuseum, the St. Pauli Church, and the Michel. Exhibitions and installations can be found in galleries and public spaces, and readings are held mainly in music clubs.

Pop Kultur by Music Board Berlin

MusicBoardBerlinPop-Kultur advocates interdisciplinary exchange, including contemporary scientific discourse on music, society, and urban development. Visitors can experience various international and German premieres. It began in Berlin! – is our motto for good reason. Over the course of three days, the festival turns into a one big productive laboratory for the most ambitious of ideas. Not only because of this »Pop-Kultur« can be seen as more than just a typical music festival. We invite young talents of all disciplines to join our workshop program »Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs«. At the studios of Bühnenservice der Stiftung Oper Berlin (which is next to Berghain) we will pair them up with professional musicians, economical and political leaders and decision-makers out of the music industry. Applicants can expect both inspiring and productive talks right in the middle where the creative production of the city’s theatre and opera stages take place.


Belgique / Belgien

Glimps Festival

GLIMPS_22tracks_playlistimage-1024x478Glimps is an international showcase festival in Ghent, Belgium with more than 60 artists from all over Europe play at 11 venues. From concert halls like Handelsbeurs, over music clubs such as Charlatan, to less well known but most charming venues like Lakenmetershuis. Glimps presents Tomorrow’s Music Now: nothing but the very best of European music    in Ghent, a city that’s centuries old, but forever young. But the festival is not for music fanatics only. Glimps is also a music conference that attracts a whole lot of music professionals from all over the world.


Propulse Festival

Capture d’écran 2015-12-03 à 16.27.10ProPulse est une vitrine promotionnelle pluridisciplinaire qui présente chaque année majoritairement des artistes issus de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. S’adressant à la fois aux professionnels (programmateurs, agents, managers, etc.) belges et étrangers et, dans une certaine mesure, au « tout public », l’événement vise autant à promouvoir la circulation de nos artistes en Belgique et hors de nos frontières qu’à favoriser leur visibilité et leur reconnaissance par le public. A travers cet événement et son offre complète de spectacles vivants, le Service de la Diffusion de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles remplit pleinement sa mission de lien entre les groupes artistiques, les professionnels du secteur culturel et le citoyen.


France / Frankreich

Pop Mind – Prospective Debates for Popular Music in Europe

POP_MIND_2016POP MIND consists of two days of debates, round-table meetings, workshops split up into thematic courses: public policies, economy, artistic diversity, digital. The work approach is both european and international. A dedicated space called “European box” will be offered to European project initiators, in which specific debates, presentations, workshops, meetings between project leaders from different countries will be set up. POP MIND took place in Nancy on the 29th and 30th of september 2015.


POP MIND est un temps de rassemblement et de partage pour l’ensemble des organisations touchant aux musiques actuelles : professionnels, fédérations, universitaires, société civiles, syndicats, réseaux territoriaux, associations, Etat, collectivités… – See more at:
POP MIND est un temps de rassemblement et de partage pour l’ensemble des organisations touchant aux musiques actuelles : professionnels, fédérations, universitaires, société civiles, syndicats, réseaux territoriaux, associations, Etat, collectivités… – See more at:
POP MIND est un temps de rassemblement et de partage pour l’ensemble des organisations touchant aux musiques actuelles : professionnels, fédérations, universitaires, société civiles, syndicats, réseaux territoriaux, associations, Etat, collectivités… – See more at:

MaMA Event

Mama_2016MaMA attracts over 4,300 delegates, French and international, independent and major record labels, concert venues, festivals, producers, agents, managers, music publishers, digital services companies, regional/local authorities, trade unions, broadcasters, the private sector, subsidized institutions… and of course artists. During the day, MaMA offers over 50 conferences and debates, many networking activities: match-making sessions, workshops, cocktails, 200 speakers involved in flagship areas of the music field : Festival financing, marketing and communication, brand and media, music label, presentation of international market, editors, cultural policies, synchronization, performing arts, music laws, digital tools, auto-production… From 6pm, public and professionals get together for more than 120 concerts in 15 emblematic venues and unusual places of the famous district of Pigalle and Montmartre (La Cigale, La Boule Noire, Le Divan du Monde, Les Trois Baudets, Le Bus Palladium, Le Centre Musical FGO-Barbara, La Machine du Moulin Rouge – La Chaufferie, Le Backstage by the Mill…).


Across the European Union

Eurosonic Noorderslag / NL

ESNS_poslogo_squareEurosonic Noorderslag is the key exchange and networking platform for European music, with a proven track record for helping new acts break into the international music scene. Selling out each year Eurosonic Noorderslag attracts over 3,900 delegates, including 400 international festivals. By day an international music conference takes place, the key exchange and networking platform for European music. Selling out each year the Eurosonic Noorderslag Conference attracts over 3,900 delegates, including over 400 international festivals. It presents showcases by more than 300 artists and a conference programme featuring 150 panels, keynote speakers, interviews, workshops, dinners, pitches, parties and meetings on the latest developments in the international music, media, production and interactive industry. By night, during two showcase festivals (Eurosonic and Noorderslag), musical talent has the chance to present itself to an international audience of music lovers and professionals.


The Great Escape / UK

TGE_2016The Great Escape presents the UK’s leading music business convention, bringing together thousands of music industry practitioners for three days of insight sessions, panels, conversations, networking and parties every May, in Brighton. With its hub in the centre of Brighton, the convention runs alongside The Great Escape showcase festival, Europe’s leading festival for new music, which presents 450 artists from all over the world in 30+ venues across the city. By day delegates at The Great Escape attend a packed programme of panels, interviews and insight sessions, hearing and learning from, and debating with, leading figures in the new music industry, including artists, managers, promoters, agents, publishers, label owners and digital experts.