From year 2009 on, we have teamed up to scout, support and promote artists with an ambition through several programmes including artist residencies, training workshops, showcases and tour support.

We futhermore intend to collect, produce and deliver knowledge about the sector and foster peer-to-peer connections amongst all professionals committed to that transnational level, enabling such an extended network to reach a sustainable level of activity within the eld of Popular Music.



This programme comprises two years of mentoring, addressing all aspects of a band’s or artist’s professional life.

The first year focusses on creativity and practice within a common set of modules which aim at developing know-how and working methods in different situations (rehearsal, stage, recording), with the support of specialised advisers.

In addition, various networking and professional meeting opportunities wrap up the offer, with a total of 15 days of training and work per year.

During the second year, bands will have to tackle the live business, during concerts on the partner stages of the Greater Region, in order to reach out to new audiences beyond your home territory.

Each band or artist benefits from personalised mentoring all along the programme. Counselling musicians and technicians have been trained to identify areas for improvement within the group and to induce a creative mindset.