Artist Support Programme 2020 suspended temporarily

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The members of the network – all committed at local, regional and national levels to advocate for the Popular Music sector – are currently dealing with the short-term effects of this unprecedented situation. It indeed strongly affects permanent staff’s workflow and it will prevent many activities to take place as scheduled.

We obviously conform to national regulations such as boundaries closure between our countries. Therefore, forthcoming training workshops due to be hosted in Germany and Belgium need to be postponed.

We are going to make the most so as to re-schedule our joint activities, keeping in mind that professionals we are used to collaborating with, have to face losses of revenues whereas small business units’ sustainability is endangered.

Meanwhile, shall we recommend each of you to take care of the others, relatives or not, by staying locked-in… and do indulge in listening to the loads of music you’d usually like but don’t have time to listen to.