The concept of a knowledge-based economy has indeed much meaning in our sector and Multipistes Network promotes the idea to become better at producing contents by collecting data within our reach, combine and qualify them in order to contribute to support wise choices, whatever is at stake. Identifying who operates in the Greater Region and understanding how those operators interact with their national counterparts are the first steps to complete to be able to imagine innovative and relevant partnerships.

Please note that most of the recommended contents require language skills.


Luxembourg / Luxemburg

> Introduction to the amplified music landscape

> Information sheets  – those official ressources – edited by – include 4 chapters identifying crucial aspects that any music-related professional has to deal with at a certain point: legal information, public funding and mobility.

Allemagne / Deutschland

> Bundesverband Popularmusik e.V. – Forum der Popkultur- und Popularmusikförderer in Deutschland e.V.

> Initiative Musik – Initiative Musik is the federal government’s funding agency and supports the music industry for rock, pop, and jazz in Germany. Initiative Musik’s support programmes offer artists financial support to indirectly support their professional development. Check its Musikatlas for an overview of the sector beyond the Rhine.

> MIZ - Das MIZ ist die zentrale Informationseinrichtung zum Thema Musik und Musikleben in Deutschland. Es dokumentiert Trends und Entwicklungen, erfasst aktuelle Daten und Fakten und stellt Hintergrundinformationen zu zentralen Feldern der Musikkultur bereit.

> VUT | Act united, stay independantVUT was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organisation serving the needs of German independent music companies. Our 1300 members encompass labels, publishers, distributors and producers. a VUT-member you will enjoy the following benefits: profound and shared knowledge about the international music market, solutions to specific business problems, legal assistance, a framework agreement with the German collecting society ‘GEMA’, networking opportunities, educational information, advanced training and advice for start-ups, discounts at trade fairs and much more.

> DOMUS - DOMUS is the umbrella organization for music makers in Germany. DOMUS is aimed at all professional musicians. Every music maker, whether author or recording artist, solo artist or band, singer or instrumentalist, DJ, or producer can join with us directly. Alternatively, one can take part by being member of an association of musicians which is already a member of DOMUS.


France / Frankreich

> L’Officiel de la musique  – It is the french national directory updated yearly with a premium version online, WOFFI, both edited by IRMA. It provides a comprehensive overview of the whole live music sector in France, listing the contacts of registered music professionals, ranging from the higher branches of the French music industry
to small independent organizations operating on niche markets.

> Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris – The Resource Centre helps fulfil the Philharmonie’s educational and cultural vocation. This public facility is open to anyone seeking information and documentation on music, and provides young people and professionals with support and advice on careers in music. All the above mentioned contents are available in FR/EN.

> Mon Projet Musique – A platform dedicated to professionals of the music sector, listing the available means – catalogued by activity segment -  to fund their projects.

Lorraine / Lothringen

> Annuaire des opérateurs culturels en Lorraine – Powered by ARTECA, that directory – built on a powerful advanced search tool – is the result of a 20-year-period of data collection and implementation.It contains more than 10k records, all operating in the field of culture.

> Musiques Actuelles En Lorraine  – 7 publicly-funded amplified music facilities have officially merged into a network coined MAEL – acronym of Musiques Actuelles En Lorraine – in year 2015 and collaborate in the field of Popular Music in order to edit relevant resources, inform musicians and support bands, organisations, business initiatives and any type of music-related projects.

Alsace / Elsass

> Plate-forme régionale des Musiques Actuelles en Alsace – Powered by HIERO regional federation, information and services about the amplified music sector in Alsace are provided through this single integrated platform.


> POLCA – The organisation is responsible for disseminating relevant information, editing up-to-date resources and supporting music-related projects through regional devices and national P.R operations.

Belgique / Belgien

> Wallonie Bruxelles International monitors most of the support devices to promote belgian artists abroad.

> Belgian booms is a collaboration between Flanders Arts Institute/Kunstenpunt and Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques, with the support of SABAM for Culture. It gives belgian music professionals an helping hand in their international development. It promotes Belgium-based artists at showcase festivals, organizes network meetings, publishes promotional material, sends out info to selected pros.

> Club belge – Club Belge is an online venue guide where you can find a wide range of Belgian concert halls, clubs, cultural centers and youth centers. While guiding you through the Belgian music scene, Club Belge wants to break down the imaginary barrier between the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels music circuit.

Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

> Court-circuit manipulates a wide range of informative material and edit reliable ressources targeting both individuals and profesionals ‘needs about the music sector of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Flandres / Flanders

> Pop Punt – Premium ressources & documentation about the sector in the Flemish side of Belgium. Exclusively dutch-speaking platform.


Across the European Union 

National umbrella bodies and lobbies

> MusicTank / UK  – MusicTank is one of University of Westminster’s sector-based Knowledge and Business Development Networks. Launched in 2003, MusicTank’s remit was to establish itself as a business development network for the UK music industry – an independent body set up to engage with industry, innovation and change across the music business.

> VNPF / NL – VNPF is an association of 92 rock/pop venues and festivals. Other kind of programmes like jazz, spoken word, (slam) poetry, comedy, et cetera are of increasing importance. VNPF unites almost all (small and big) more important venues and festivals in the Netherlands. Objectives of VNPF are serving the common interests of the venues towards government (cities, provinces and state), audiences and performing artists, serving its members and promoting their professionalism, promoting pop culture as a performing arts in general, organising network meetings.

Co-operative and cross-boarding initiatives

> LIVEUROPE | Supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote up-and-coming European artists

> Live DMA European Network | Linking Initiatives & Venues in Europe

> YOUROPE | The European Festival Association

> ETEP | European Talent Exchange Program