Three means to comprehensively apprehend Multipistes network and its activities


1. Chat in real life :

Feel free to get in touch with our closest representative. Keep in mind that the members of the Multipistes network are also committed to deal with inquiries from their neighbours.

BProvince de Luxembourg 

DRheinland-Pfalz Saarland


LGrand duché du Luxembourg


2. Read those lines :

Multipistes is a network of nine organizations anchored in the Greater Region (the Euroregion centered on Luxemburg and spreading over three neighbouring nations, (East of France, South of Belgium and West of Germany), which have teamed up to scout, support and promote artists through several programs including artist residencies, training, showcases and tour support. They intend to collect, produce and deliver up-to-date knowledge about the sector and encourage peer-to-peer connections amongst all professionals committed to the cross-boarder level, enabling the extended network to reach a sustainable level of activity within the realm of Popular Music. If you wish to know more, jump to entry 3 …


3. Watch that commissioned report :

The version below features english subtitles. French and German versions are here.  If you wish to know more, jump to entry 1!